Webster Area School District

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*Library Overdue books/fines/computers:
MS/HS Library Overdue Books & Fines:
2019: Sam Wagner
2020: Emily Kaufman, Shianda Mathison, Cade Shoemaker
2021: Teagan Miller, Tyler Bornsen, Ellie Mount
2022: Megan Traylor, Emily Richie, Matthew Tarbox
2023: Eathan Dolney, Rylee Huwe, Drew Reetz, Ella Wattier
2024: Brayden Aadland, Brent Bearman, Ava Breske, Gracie Cadwell, Cole Gregersn, Charlotte Grewe, Emily HIll, Carson Mount, Alyza Rucktaeschel, Jazlyn McRunnel, Baylie Somsen, Sage Sippel, Carter Williams
2025: Lydia Vogl
James Block, Superintendent / HS Principal
Craig Case, Elementary / MS Principal
Lori O'Farrell, Business Manager
Amy Miller, Assistant HS Principal / Student Services Director
Tammy Block, Technology Coordinator
102 East 9th Avenue
Webster, SD 57274
Telephone (605) 345-3548
Fax (605) 345-4421
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