Webster Area School District

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*Forms not returned
These students need to return your forms ASAP. The papers were received the first day of school and were due on 9/5.
6th grade:
Ella Hubsch
7th grade:
Hailey Rumpca
Isaac Wiley
Jade Wilson
8th grade:
Jacob Hubsch
Kenlee Johnson
Mattea Kroll
Emily Richie
9th grade:
Charles Dow
Preston Waddle
Alex Zwick
10th grade:
Steven Aldrich
Tristan Anderson
Jacob Dargatz
Jackson Knight
Zach Ninke
11th grade:
Liza Schoenbeck
12th grade:
Brett Burgard
Cullen Dargatz
Connor Fischer
Jacob Hernandez
Sidney Tracy
James Block, Superintendent / HS Principal
Craig Case, Elementary / MS Principal
Lori O'Farrell, Business Manager
Amy Miller, Assistant HS Principal / Student Services Director
Tammy Block, Technology Coordinator
102 East 9th Avenue
Webster, SD 57274
Telephone (605) 345-3548
Fax (605) 345-4421
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