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The Webster Instrumental Music Program consists of a 6th Grade Beginner Band which meets for 40 minutes three times a week, a Junior High Band which meets for 45 minutes every day, and a High School Band which rehearses 50 minutes every day.

Various ensembles including Junior High and High School, Concert Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Jazz Ensembles, Brass Choir, Woodwind Choir, and Percussion Ensemble perform at contests and concerts throughout the year.

Weekly lessons are required for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Interested High School students have lessons as scheduling permits.


Our Choral Choir meets everyday for one period. Madrigal Show Choir has performed three madrigal dinners and does community caroling every year. Show Choir performs its own show with the stage band, called Cabaret, it features choreographed performances and skits. All students participate in small solo and ensemble contest and large group contests.

Drama is definitely an activity for students who enjoy any aspect of the performing area. Whether it be through acting out the lead role for the school play or being behind the scenes, there is something for everyone to do. Students gain experience in performing and also boost their self-confidence with a job well done. Don't forget, it's also a fun way to interact with fellow students!

Oral Interp

Oral Interpretation is a great way for students to gain valuable speaking experience and to improve self-confidence. We have a great team here in Webster and will continue to in the upcoming years. We have a number of younger members who will be a great asset to the team in the future.

The beginning of the year is marked by students scattering around to find their pieces, practicing them in front of mirrors, and finally, getting ready for that first competition.

"Oral Interp. is one of those activities which provide skills which can be used for a lifetime. Some of those skills are public speaking, poise in front of a group and the opportunity to make new friends." - Darlene Dulitz

There is also a declaim team for younger students who are looking for some experience before they get into high school. This team is also headed by Mrs. Dulitz. Self-confidence in speaking is a definite advantage of beginning this type of activity so young.

Oral Interpretation of literature teaches students how to present published pieces of literature in such a way that listeners are drawn into the presentation. Students study the seven events currently offered by the South Dakota High School Activities Associationpoetry, serious prose, humorous, serious drama, oratory, duet interpretation of literature and readers theater. Students are required to attend at least two oral interp contests.


Our yearbook, the Bearcat, is a publication created by a select group of journalism students ranging from freshmen through senior. Currently on Volume 61, these students, along with their advisor Ms. Herman, begin the arduous task of compiling school data even before the school year starts. With the aid of the Jostens on-line software, over 100 pages are generated of which a minimum of 16 are color. Students design their own cover, division page, end page, and page layout along with selling ads, being a reporter, a photographer, and all around newsperson!

We are proud of the quality and the many awards presented by the SD Press Association.

Students receive their yearbook in the fall just in time to start a new one!
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