Webster Area School District

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District Policy Manual

Table of Contents

A - Foundations and Basic Commitments

ABAB Fed Complaint


ACA - 504 Compliance Plan

ACAA - GBA - JGB - Sexual Harrassment Policy

ACAA - R - Sexual Harassment Report Form

ACB - Nondiscrimination on the basis of handicap - disability

AD - Educational Philosophy

ADA - Educational Objectives

ADB - Use of tobacco alcohol drugs and other controlled substances

ADC - Managing School Emergencies Plan

AFC - GDH - Evaluation of Professional Staff

AFD - GDN - Evaluation of Support Staff

B - Board Governance and Operations

BA - School Board Operational Goals

BB - School Board Legal Status

BBF - Code of Ethics Board

BCA - Board Organizational Meeting

BCB - School Board Member Conflict of Interest

BCC - Business Manager Job Description

BCE - Board Committees

BCF - KC - Citizens Advisory Committees

BDB - Organization of the School Board

BE - School Board Meetings

BEDB - School Board Meeting - Agenda

BEDH - Public Participation at Board Meetings

BG - School Board Policy Process

C - General School Administration

CA - Administration Goals

CBA - Superintendent

CBG - Evaluation of the Superintendent

CCA - Organizational Chart - BusMag - TechCoor

CCB - Lines of Authority and Staff Relations

CDA - Administrator Evaluation

CE - Administrative Councils Cabinets and Committees

CHD - Absence of Policy

D - Fiscal Management

DFAB - Application of Fund Balance

DFAC - Revenue Availability Criterion

DGA - Purchasing

DGB - Credit Card Policy

DGC - Checks Payable

DGD - Meal Charge Policy

DID - Capitalization Policy

DLC - Expense Reimbursements

DM - Antifraud Controls

DPC - Procurement Card Policy

E - Support Services

EA - Support Services Goals

EBAB - Handling Blood and Other Body Fluids

EBCD - School Closing and Cancellations

ECAB - Vandalism

EDCA - Home Use Software Agreement

EDCB - Use and Copying of Computer Software

EEAB - Transporting Students or Staff

EEAC - School Bus Safety

EEAD - Energy Conservation

F - Facilities Development

FD - Facilities Funding

FEC - Buildings

G - Personnel

GAEC - Anti-Violence

GA - Personnel Goals

GBA - ACAA - JGB - Sexual Harrassment Policy

GBCBB - Employee Use of Networking Sites
GBEC - Drug Free Workplace

GBED - Staff Conflict of Interest

GBGA - Employee Communicable Diseases

GBGA - R - EmployeeCommunicable Diseases Guidelines

GBK - Tobacco Free Workplace

GCA - Professional Staff Positions

GCBD - A - Leave Policies - Professional Staff

GCBD-B-Leave Policies-Classified Staff

GCBD-C-Military Leave of Absence

GCBD-D-SD National Guard Camp

GCDB-Employee Criminal Background Check

GCE-Substitute Teacher Pay

GCL-Professional Development Opportunities

GDA-Support Staff Positions

GDBC-Health Insurance

GDH-AFC-Evaluation of Professional Staff

GDN-AFD-Evaluation of Support Staff

GFH-Grievance Procedures

H - Negotiations

HA-Negotiations Goals

I - Instruction

IA-Instructional Goals

IF-Curriculum Development

IFA-Procedures for Reconsideration

IFD-Curriculum Adoption

IGAB-Human Relations Education

IGAJ-AE-Wellness Policy

IGDA-Student Organizations

IGDI-Interscholastic Athletics

IHCDA-Concurrent Enrollment

IIA-Instructional Materials

IIAAA-Textbook Loan

IIBG-Use of Computers and Network

IJNDB-Virtual On-Line Coursework

IJNDB-R-Virtual On-Line Coursework Form

IKE-Student Promotion and Retention

IKE-R-Student Promotion and Retention Waiver Form

IKF-Graduation Requirements

IKF-A-Early Graduation Webster Area High School

IKF-R-Graduation Requirements List

J - Students

JA-Student Goals

JECB-Admission Enrollment

JECBA-Admission Open-Enrolled SPED


JFC-Foster Care Students

JFCH-Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Use Abuse

JFCJ-Possession or Use of Weapon

JFH-Student Grievance Procedures

JGCA-Cyber Bullying

JGCB-Hazing Policy

JGCB-A-Hazing Regulations

JHCC-Student Communicable Diseases

JHG-Report Child Abuse

JJIC-Activity Standards for Participation

JJID-Concussion Policy

JJID-Concussion Form

K - School and Community Relations

L - Education Agency Relations

James Block, Superintendent / HS Principal
Craig Case, Elementary / MS Principal
Lori O'Farrell, Business Manager
Amy Miller, Assistant HS Principal / Student Services Director
Tammy Block, Technology Coordinator
102 East 9th Avenue
Webster, SD 57274
Telephone (605) 345-3548
Fax (605) 345-4421
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